The world is your sandbox.
We give you the tools to play.

Our Philosophy

We are a blockchain R&D startup with a goal to give people and disenfranchise communities the tools and education to build their dreams and compete on the world stage. We do this through the following.


Education is the building block of any community and culture. This is why we strive to educate and update our partners with the best up to date knowledge.



Imagination is what allows humans to dream and conceive of what is not yet. We actively seek to foster and encourage divergent thinking in every community we work with.



The ability to safely try out ideas, however wild they may appear, is what we stand for. We seek to give all communities the tools and training to push the envelope of what's possible.  


Our Experiements

POA NFT for events

Client: Community
Type: NFT+DeFi
Duration: 2 Months

Every week there are countless events/meeting happening around the city. We decided to experiment with building a Poof-of-Attendence NFT for attendees.
Case Study (soon)

Analysing NFT literacy

Client: Community
Type: NFT
Duration: 10 Weeks

Most people have heard of NFTs, but what do they really know about it? We ventured to find out by asking random people.
Case Study (soon)
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